Not all innovators are expert marketers. So, pitching a startup to potential investors can be a significant pain point for some founders.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of AI-powered DIY tools that can help enhance pitch decks and other promotional communications while significantly streamlining the pitch development process.

Many of these tools have user interfaces like that of ChatGPT. In the one we tested you first select the desired form of communication, such as a document, deck, or webpage and then, in an open text prompt, indicate the specific topic, such as “Venture Capital Proposal.”

From there, the machine takes over, and in a few seconds, generates a multi-page document, fully formatted with text, graphics, and suitable images appropriate for the topic requested. The benefits are not only the speed and professional quality of the design and graphics, but the coherent structure, informed content, and rational flow of the document. Of course, you will want to review and perhaps tweak the results to make sure it truly reflects your unique value proposition and what you are trying to communicate, but these tools can do a lot of the heavy lifting for selecting content and visuals.

In addition to content generation, AI based tools are available to assist founders in other critical tasks including: coaching for pitch delivery, evaluating pitches for factors like clarity, engagement and persuasiveness, translation for pitching to international investors, and analyzing the profiles and preferences of potential investors.

It’s important to remember, however, that AI tools are best used as a complement to personal engagement rather than a replacement, with the most persuasive pitches offering a combination of a compelling narrative, fact-based analysis, and a strong team in place to execute on your vision.

Other important ways AI tools can help founders pitch their firm:

  • Thesis or vision statement – While you will need to provide the core elements of your vision, AI can lend a significant hand in organizing your firm’s founding tenets into a cohesive thesis or vision statement. Simply feed in your ideas and let AI weave them into a compelling narrative.
  • Marketing & sales strategy –Are you planning to employ SEM, SEO, and online lead capture as core tactics but haven’t worked out the particulars? AI can help educate you on these tactics and map out their intricacies.
  • Competition – AI can help you identify additional competitors you may not have known about, construct descriptions of their primary services and articulate how you’re different.
  • The ask –AI tools can help make your ask more persuasive and compelling.