This quarter marks three years since BlueWing Ventures’ inception. First and foremost, we are incredibly proud of our portfolio founders and constantly impressed by their expertise, vision, and determination. It is a privilege to partner with and support them on their startup journeys.

We are also grateful to our supporters and friends of BlueWing, for so many candid conversations and guidance. We are fortunate to be part of the DC venture ecosystem and, over the past three years, to have built new and strengthened existing relationships.

As we celebrate this third-year milestone, we remain focused on the future and are excited for the road ahead!


Our focus remains on:

Dynamic Founders

At BlueWing, our mission is to partner with companies bringing to market cutting-edge technology to better protect, collect, analyze, and share data. We target dynamic founders driving innovation from cybersecurity and data integrity to automated data analysis and real-time decision-making – helping them drive growth primarily through Seed and Series A funding and ongoing operational guidance and support.

Strong Preference for Dual-Use Technology

Dual-use technology is driving a robust innovation ecosystem that is simultaneously supporting enterprise and national security. We have a strong preference for companies leveraging dual-use technologies to meet the needs of both the private sector and the US government and its allies.