BlueWing partners with innovative companies led by dynamic founders that bring to market new ways to protect, collect, analyze, and share data. By combining domain expertise, a structured diligence process, and a long-term commitment to our founders, we distill signal from noise and enable breakthrough innovation.

We build long-lasting partnerships

BlueWing invests in companies we believe will disrupt the status quo and transform their market landscape. We engage founders early in their journey, striving to build long-term partnerships and support successful ventures at each stage of their company’s lifecycle.

We seek underrepresented founders

We believe the strongest teams have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. BlueWing partners with underrepresented founders whenever possible, including BIPOC, military veterans, and female entrepreneurs.

We focus on non-traditional geographies

Based in Washington, D.C., we leverage our network within the nation’s capital region and across the United States to actively seek exceptional opportunities outside of traditional technology hubs.


BlueWing’s portfolio companies are helmed by leaders who have the vision, expertise, and drive to make a significant impact on the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity and data intelligence.

Adlumin is a security and compliance automation SIEM platform, built to discover threats, malfunctions, and IT operations failures in real-time.

Anduril builds cutting-edge hardware and software products that solve complex national security challenges for America and its allies.

Antithesis provides autonomous testing for software development, improving quality and unlocking productivity to enterprise engineering teams.

Bleach Cyber provides unapologetically simple cybersecurity management tools for startups and SMBs.

BreachBits provides cloud-based breach and attack simulation, blending automation and AI for continuous penetration testing.

Bricklayer AI deploys autonomous AI security analysts alongside human peers for faster and more efficient cybersecurity operations.

Ceritas safeguards critical infrastructure by securing OT / ICS hardware down to the component level.

ClearForce combines machine learning, compliance, and workflow automation to create a new global standard for the continual evaluation of behavioral risk.

Geosite provides an enterprise software platform for geospatial data that leverages satellite imagery and distributed IoT sensors for reconnaissance, planning, and operations in real-time.

Jaxon is an AI-powered data labeling and training platform helping data science teams build highly-accurate, fully-trained models with minimal human supervision.

Lastwall's identity platform is built to defend against emerging and disruptive threats with unified quantum security.

Moth+Flame VR is the leading provider of immersive learning experiences for enterprise scale customers across a range of verticals.

Phylum is the future of software supply chain security.

Shift5 provides fleet operators the power to understand and maintain the cybersecurity health of vehicle platforms in real-time.

Sicura is a security and compliance platform that enforces and remediates technical security controls, bridges the gap between security and engineering teams, and automates misconfiguration remediations.

Tidal Cyber empowers cybersecurity practitioners by making threat-informed defense a reality.

TUBR is machine learning without limits, building time-based predictions with fewer data points to optimize assets, reduce waste, and improve customer loyalty.

Are you a dynamic founder ready to build the next transformational company?

BlueWing seeks to build long-term relationships, and we’re always excited to hear from new founders. We encourage you to reach out even if you’re not currently raising capital or still very early in your startup journey.